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Transnation Title


Transnation Title Agency traces its roots back to well over one hundred fifty years.  Through a series of mergers, acquisitions, and name changes the organization has endured through the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and numerous other economic bumps and bruises. Through it all, our continued focus on customer service has allowed the organization to not only endure, but thrive.  In 2008, Transnation reconfigured itself as an agency by purchasing the West Michigan assets of its parent company.  Since 2008, Transnation Title Agency has grown from 7 office locations and 60 employees to 21 offices and nearly 150 people.  This growth was recognized by INC. Magazine in 2014 when the magazine placed the agency on its prestigious list of 100 midsized  United States companies  who demonstrated year over year sustained growth between 2007 and 2012.

Growing a service company requires a staff of experienced people who are committed to providing first class service.  The average experience level of a Transnation employee is over 15 years which allows the company to achieve a high level of expertise that customers have come to rely on in the increasingly complex world of real estate transfers and financing.
Transnation is an employee owned and operated company.  Nearly one third of our employees have ownership rights in the company. Importantly, the company has no outside investors whose ownership perspective might conflict and impede the consistent delivery of first class service during the frequent economic swings experienced in real estate related businesses.

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Transnation Title Agency is local. Every title order is data entered, researched, examined, typed, and delivered by our local employees.

Each aspect of our closing service is performed by our local employees. Unlike most title providers, no aspect of our service is outsourced to production, service or call centers located remotely in the United States, or in other parts of the world. By retaining control over all our service process, Transnation Title Agency is able to maintain consistently high service standards and provide responsive and flexible solutions to title transfer related issues.