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Northview Real Estate

Northview is an unincorporated community in Kent County with a population of 14,730 reported by the census of 2000.  With that census the per square mile population density computed to 566.4 per square mile.

The area is north of Grand Rapids but south of the Grand River.  This is a very urbanized section of the Grand Rapids area.  One of the main draws of the area is the strong public transportation system which is not found in most surrounding areas of Grand Rapids.

The high school is the proud recipient of a National Blue Ribbon Exemplary High School, a program initiated by the U.S. government recognizing schools where the achievement gap has been narrowed.  The district is rightfully proud of this accomplishment as it is deemed to be the highest award a school can achieve.

The Northview Performing Arts Center, located northeast of Grand Rapids in Plainfield Township, is a multi-faceted facility.  The mission of the Performing Arts Center is to support student programming for the Northview Public Schools.  Musicals, band concerts, choir concerts, orchestra concerts and plays are just some of the programs over the past years.  With the seating capacity of 750 it is an informal theatre that provides a stage with outstanding lighting and acoustics that one would expect to experience in a much more elaborate setting.

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