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What does it mean a house has good bones?

1. It Has a Solid Floor Plan

A streamlined layout has everything to do with good bones “The existing structure has to have a good floor plan.  The floor plan may not work for you as it, however, if it can be changed without great expense then we have a great home!  Older homes you may not be able to change or it will be very expensive, however,  if the home has good bones the house will stand the heavy renovation. Best to seek out a contractor experienced in your type of home renovation.

2. Only Minor Renovations Are Necessary

If a home is sturdy with a good, solid foundation, a great deal can be done on the inside. A solid foundation is usually determined by the home inspector.  There are things you can look for, such as cracks that are wet to the touch, plants growing inside the home, sump pump running all of the time or the home leans a little to either side. These are some red flags to take into consideration.

3. Timeless style 

Throughout the years home style floor plans change just like women’s fashions. In the 80’s a great room was popular, in the 90’s formal dining and the formal living room was popular. Today making the home functional to your needs is popular.  So you will find various floor plans. Finding a home with some timeless qualities, such as lots of cabinets, storage space, a dining space or a garage, these items will always be needed in a home. A ranch style home seems to stand the test of time- as multi levels seem to change style all the time a ranch is always in demand and always “in style”.

4. Interesting Architectural Details Abound

“Look for elements like exposed beams, beautiful paneling, baseboards, chair railings, intricate moldings, and elaborate fireplace mantles when deciding if space has good bones. Core architectural features like these create a great infrastructure for developing your personal style.  In Michigan, the Mid-Century Modern never goes out of style!

5. Two Words: Hardwood Floors

Just as our bodies get older and make creaking noises, so does a house! A good boned home will be able to be repaired so the noises go away! Wish it was that easy for our bodies! However, much like exercise keeps our bodies in shape using the home keeps it in good shape as well.  It is very tough for a home to be vacant. Now, some people love the noises and some people don’t.  Some people prefer carpet and some prefer wood floors.  Knowing what is holding up that carpet is priceless information!


Good bones and location! Always and forever will be the key to buying good real estate! 


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