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The Art of Offer Writing

In this market, where there are multiple offers on a home, the way the offer is written is essential to the process. Not just what is written but how it is written.


We consider this an art form. Writing and offer that a homeowner will fall in love with is key to the winning, and sometimes if written well enough – price is not the only deciding factor.


Here are some quick tips to make sure your offer is taken seriously and a strong consideration.


  1. Clean neat written offer – best if typed.
  2. No terms scribble out – if you made a mistake start over
  3. Send all supporting documents with your offer – in MIchigan – pre-approval – copy of earnest check – reviewed and signed sellers disclosures.
  4. Healthy earnest money – $500.00 is not showing you are serious about the home.


These are the basics to writing the perfect offer – however we have a few other tips, but we will keep that between our home buyers and us – as we may be up against YOU in writing an offer.


Putting your best foot forward is essential – hoping they counter may lose you the home, we are a sellers market in Grand Rapids, MI. Keep this in mind when writing an offer.


We would love to help you write your offer on your dream home!

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