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Buyer Agent – more important than ever before

In today’s market where multiple bids are commonplace, strategic offers are winning the bids.  Not just price. Until there is a buyer agency contract in place ALL Realtors are working for seller. This is the law.


Let’s review the duties of a buyer agent:


  1. Be an adviser and advocate during the entire home buying process
  2. Take time to uncover the buyer’s needs and wants as well as what’s motivating their purchase
  3. Educate buyer’s on current market conditions
  4. Find a way for buyers to attain as many of their needs as possible when dealing with the realities of the marketplace and/or specific financial constraints
  5. Research homes in the area and sort through active listings to make suggestions after cross-referencing buyer’s needs (i.e. Which homes are located in areas that have retained home values? Which homes are located in your  school districts of choice? Lower taxed areas? Easy work commutes? etc.)
  6. Help buyers achieve their lifestyle needs with a different set of features than originally anticipated (this is particularly useful when dealing with financial constraints)
  7. Aid buyers in narrowing their search until they have identified their top choices
  8. Handle the ins and outs of the negotiation process including the preparation of all necessary forms when making an offer and/or counteroffer
  9. Provide oversight and follow up for any inspections deemed necessary
  10. Counsel buyers on how to handle any repairs needed on the property
  11. Be present at closing to ensure that all the buyer’s interests are protected

Working with a buyer agent is the only way to get full representation. In most cases it does not cost you a thing to have a buyer agent working for you. With what may be the largest purchase of your life you owe to yourself to have FULL representation.

Contact a JH Realty Partner agent today to help you with your search.  When you work with a Realtor from JH Realty you are supporting #localfirst.

 A great way to give back to your community as well!

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